Never too late to start your running career

Well we have passed into February (craziness). Some of you have made resolutions to hit the pavement or the road or the slushy trails. January is now gone but it is certainly not too late to start running. There are so many fun racing events coming this spring and summer. Don’t miss out on the prizes and the glory and the sweat and the podium visits and the drug tests and …! (And please register soon. Big races fill up. Ottawa Race Weekend is pretty much sold out already). Shameless promotion for the most fun little race in June: you get to wear a dress (well a kilt actually); you get free brew; you get to take part in history – The Perth Kilt Race! Register now!


So on to our esteemed topic of giving some proven suggestions re how to get you out there and off your procrastination pedastal:


a) Don’t like the cold, move! No, consider joining one of those 24/7 gyms for one month (the ones that have no long term commitment fees). Hit the treadmill at 6 speed for fifteen minutes for first time. Next time, ramp up 0.5 on speed dial for each additional fifteen minutes. Try to get to at least 40 minutes of time in one month.


b) GO out at ideal procrastinator run times: run at 8 am or run at 5 pm. Get if over with first thing or before the evening activities start.


c) JOIN a local Run Club; meet some cool people; use them to encourage you to keep going.


d) Set a 100KM interim total distance sum goal and give yourself the gift of a le Nordik bath day as a reward.


e) SIGN UP for races. Put the details on your Calendar, on your fridge, in a tattoo maybe. Keep the dates in front of you (may be tough on tattoo if you don’t put on lower arm but helas details …).


f) Download and listen to your favourite Podcast on the portable media player (Smart phone, Ipod, etc) you will certainly have. When deep in an engaging (Podcast) conversation, the time can zip by. Do watch out for road hazards and the many poor drivers who never stop at STOP signs (UGH!).


Above all, remind yourself about all the benefits of running (too many to list here; you know what they are!) and stop knackering around.


Run, Run, Run



One of the Goats




check our our new race results page!


check our our new race results page!