Some really good serious information (this time) on running and shoes

What’s all the talk about minimalist running?


As a running shoe specialist for the past 7 years and certified in the prevention of running injuries for the last 4 years One of the Goats (Mary) has seen an exponential increase in the desire to consider minimalist running.


Interest ranges from wanting take the plunge and go for the Vibram FiveFingers or the New Balance MT10 to those wanting to take it a little slower with opting for a shoe that has a less than 10mm heel to toe drop, but still providing some heel cushion.


As a running instructor One of the Goats (Mary) has been teaching the Pose Method of running (landing on your forefoot, shortening your stride and increasing your cadence).  One of the Goats (Mary) has been observing the striking pattern of those wearing a high cushion shoe to those wearing a minimalist shoe and mentally recording the number of injuries versus the shoe being worn.  Although there is much discussion between running shoe companies and those proposing that minimalist is the best way to go Running Goat Timing is finding that running students are experiencing less injury with a minimalist shoe – if accompanied with the shorter stride.


50% of runners are injured every year and the running shoe has never been studied as much as it is today in hopes of preventing injury.


Try this quiz to see where your knowledge lays in regards to running injuries.



1. More than 80% of running injuries can be explained by an overload.(Too much too soon)

2. It is preferable to run more often in order to suffer less injuries.

3. Pre-workout stretching is a cause of running injuries.

4. The best strengthening workout of a runner is to run barefoot.

5. Cushioning and absorption in running shoes increase the risk of running injury.

6. All surfaces present the same risk of injuries to a runner who is well adapted.


See much below for the answers ….


One of the Goats (Mary) found the  best way to reduce injury is to run with a minimalist shoe and run efficiently  i.e. your initial strike should be under the center of gravity; strike towards the forefoot; have a short time of contact with the ground; have less vertical displacement and less useless muscle contractions.


The first step to improving your running and reducing your injuries is to become aware of what needs to be corrected.  Search out a running specialist that can provide a gait analysis, assess your stride and provide the best advice possible.  You need to be mentally ready to go towards minimalist running, but if you can get over that hurdle its well worth the effort and you’ll be really happy you did!


Answers to Quiz (Don’t peak if you have not taken the quiz yet)


Answers :1.T 2.T 3.T. 4. T. 5.T. 6. T.



check our our new race results page!


check our our new race results page!