Soooo we finally re-designed the website, cus’ frankly it kinda sucked. 

Made me (the last remaining goat) contemplate another top 10 list: Top 10 reasons you would re-design/re-launch/re-work a website.

Reason 1

Its content was copied into documents found at Mar-A-Lago

Reason 2

Its appearance was dark and somewhat sketchy, just like a Pierre Pollievre policy statement

Reason 3

It is time for renewal and positive change after all the s#%% we have been through over the past two years. Would the world be a better place if everyone re-designed their websites?? Maybe wishful thinking …

Reason 4 

Running and gravel biking and swimming and the other sports we time are such escapes from the nutty world we have created for ourselves that you DESERVE a fresh look.

Reason 5

It is time for a better data repository and search function for your much heralded results!! This has arrived like honey dew on a warm summer’s morning. Gosh cold weather is coming ugh!!!!

Reason 6

I finally had time to think about a new site as I traveled through YYZ and got stuck in the endless spiral of delays/cancellations/poorly constructed line-ups/lost luggage and overall mayhem at the world’s worst airport.

Reason 7

Can’t think of a reason 7, tbh (momma mia!)

Reason 8

We are getting ready to upgrade the timing equipment which will include mats and some fancy, shiny new hardware, and a results kiosk. This had to be preceded with a new website, non??

Reason 9

Building on reason 3, a good website just makes one feel special and validated and safe and accepted, and this is an essential tenet for RGT (and the amazing people we interact with weekly..

Reason 10

The old one was not timeless; it was showing its age!


check our our new race results page!


check our our new race results page!