The process of (re)invigoration

Welcome back to blogland after a summer off. It is time to get the Gloat going again (prime time alliteration there) …

Topic of interest this week is: What it takes to re-invigorate the running legs. Some of you would be runners have slowed up during the lazy days of August. There are some great fall races out there so time is ripe not to let that spring training go to waste and harvest your inner strength. (Running Goat Timing is involved with some good fall races so check them out on our website)

What inspires to re-invirogate and get back in those shoes?

Consider the thought and comfort of cooler weather – no more overheating, no more excessive sweating, no more really stinky jogging gear.

Or the ability to eat six fresh baked apple pies a week …  (calories in = calories out)

The desire to get one more PB in a 10K race … and that is not a peanut butter sandwich.

How about putting the final touches on feeling good and looking marvellous for some fall galas or weddings or celebrating an anniversary in style?

And remember you hockey types out there, you don’t play hockey to get in shape. Keep running dawg damit!!!

According to recent research in the Journal of Modern Exercise, running three times a week in the fall increases your chance of gaining three points on the Happy Scale by 80%. There are apparently endogenous opioid polypeptides that are stimulated by leaf serum given off during colour metamorphosis of deciduous arboreal type plants. How good is that news?

As we enjoy the new Blog season let’s enjoy the fall, run hard, love the sneakers, not turn into a pumpkin and support the Terry Fox Run.

Next week: Best timer’s tales!! This will keep you in stitches for hours …

One of the Goats


check our our new race results page!


check our our new race results page!