Five reasons winter running is better than summer lawn bowling and other warm gimcracks

OK the first blog post for our new site (and amazing race timing company using JAGUAR 4.0 RFID Technology from ITS) … thought we would start with a little excitement about the season and celebrate all you hard working and plodding winter runners out there (including the Running Goat Timing Team). It gets tough to start when we are sitting in the deep minuses on that old C scale.


So despite the frigid training conditions, your faithful blogger did look at comparing winter running to some infamous summer activities to help you feel, despite the circumstances, that it is much better out there in the cold.


Come on, winter running is better than say, summer lawn bowling or camping with a grumpy partner during black fly season. Croquet with the in-laws? Outlaws?  Spring house cleaning for sure? Any summer activity where you long/dream for how the Leafs may do next winter with another series of inappropriate picks and trades and press releases and General Manager choices.


Look at these decisive reasons from a few recent web surveys on how winter running kicks some summer ass:


1- You can run by the Lawn Bowling Club and not feel shamed by how the heck they get their grass to be green and perfect, all so that someone can throw a biased ball at some jack or kitty. I wonder if they have been infiltrated by performance enhancing drug schemes. Oh that is called Cialis I believe! (wink)


2- Ray Lewis free entertainment (at least after the Superbowl is done) – thank goodness he is retiring!!!


3- Sometimes the Leafs are not completely worthless when you are running in the cold and you believe they can still turn it around to make the playoffs.


4- No smelly sneakers!


5- Well staying on the nose: no lost balls (we hope not anyway), no frustrating waits for the foursome ahead, no insect repellent needed, no burnt buns, no peeling backs, no black bears (they still hibernate right?), … the list is endless!


Keep the faith, train hard and run, run, run. It is an amazing time of year.


(Promise a serious blog post next week)


One of the Goats!





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check our our new race results page!